« It all began with a stroll through the streets of Paris. I was twenty and I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. My eye fell on a painting by Bacon. And then it just hit me. I don’t know how or why, but I knew that was my life. Painting became an obsession. »

Philippe Pasqua

Born in 1965, Philippe Pasqua is a French artist whose works are collected and presented around the world. For more than 30 years, he has used his heightened sensibility to look afresh at forms and the world around him, expressing the joys and fears of youth. His constant quest has been the search for beauty. His extraordinarily powerful vanitas and portraits shed light on the secret pathways through which art leads us to peace and tranquillity. In 2017, Philippe Pasqua will present his monumental works at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco for the first time.

« Philippe Pasqua is a conundrum. An enormously successful painter and sculptor. He is especially atypical for a French artist. Right from the beginning, he has beaten his own path through the thickets of the art world. »

Heidi ELLISON, New-York Times, january 2013

« Philippe Pasqua’s pictorial works are about life, and life isn’t always cheerful. Life itself is changeable and takes many forms. »

Pierre RESTANY, préface, Philippe PASQUA, 1999

« It is because he leads a relatively healthy life that the brushes pile up in stacks, almost a work of art in themselves. (...) This young man

persists in painting in oils like the ancients. »

Harry BELLET, Le Monde, 2011

« It’s been a long time since a French visual artist has attracted so much attention. Like Houellebecq in literature, his vanitas evoke the metaphysical misery of the post-modern world. »

Renaud FAROUX, Art Actuel, 2011